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Yes, Collagen Powder is Worth the Hype

Jun 28, 2019

Collagen is a wellness buzzword these days, but until very recently, I didn’t understand collagen’s function in my body, or why I should be paying attention to it.

Benefits of Collagen

Turns out collagen is the most common protein found in our bodies and contributes to the health of our skin and joints. Collagen contributes to the firmness and elasticity of our tendons, ligaments and SKIN!!

Running low on collagen results in wrinkles and joints that are more prone to injury. Did I mention wrinkles, y’all? Beginning at age TWENTY, our bodies produce roughly 1% less collagen each year (…my thirty year old body cried for us all, honey).

Ways to Increase Collagen

There are a few ways to boost collagen production in your body, but the following two are the most popular right now:

  1. Topically – Vitamin C. A loooot of skin care products say they have vitamin C, but being someone who isn’t super focused on skin care stuff, I’ve never really known why vitamin C was of any value. Turns out, vitamin C is vital for collagen formation in the body. Therefore, by applying products that contain the vitamin, you will be hopefully increasing your collagen production and combatting the rapid decline that your body naturally experiences. After realizing this, I’ve made a conscious effort to switch to skin care products that have at least a little vitamin C in the ingredients list. Clean & Clear has been my fav face wash for years, but I recently made the switch over to their lemon line for the zesty scrub. No complaints, but I can’t say I’ve noticed any immediate improvements from my old fav Clean & Clear face wash.
  1. Orally – Collagen Peptide Powder. This is a flavorless protein powder you can add to any liquid, cold or hot, and it helps add a good boost to your body. I have been adding collagen peptide powder to my coffee each morning. The most impressive effect to me is the almost instant fluidity I feel in my joints after drinking collagen powder. I’ve also been able to tell a noticeable improvement in the moisture of my skin, which is traditionally offensively dry. So far, I’ve tried three popular brands: Ancient Nutrition, Vital Proteins and Bulletproof. The winner for me so far has been Ancient Nutrition – it dissolved the best in both hot and cold liquids, was absolutely tasteless and made my joints feel the most fluid the fastest after consuming – but honestly, all three were great. You can find individual serving sizes sold on Amazon, and you can also grab the individual sizes for each three of these brands at Whole Foods Market. Remember to get the unflavored ones!!

All in all, I’m a huge fan of collagen peptide powder and would recommend it to the masses. What are your thoughts on the various collagen products available and what have you tried that’s been successful? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, or feel free to shoot me a message here at janellenicole.co or on Instagram DM at @heyjnicole.



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