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What I Learned from My Half-Decorated Office Revamp

Sep 19, 2019

I’m moving in two weeks, so all hopeful projects have come to a screeching halt. But before the move was in motion, public enemy number one in my apartment was my second bedroom.

Second Bedroom: Before

I use my second bedroom as an office and guest room. The furniture in my second bedroom was purely functional: a lot of really useful office space and a reallyyyyyy comfy pull out couch for guests. I loved every piece in the room, but I’m not gonna lie: it was pretty boring. And I was finding that it was the one room in the house that I never opted to spend time in (except to throw my clean laundry that needed to be folded).

I wanted to make this room significantly more inviting, create a little more storage options and also create a space that I could meet with potential clients. That being said, I didn’t want to trade in all my great and seasoned furniture – instead, I wanted to revamp what I already had.

I also wanted a space where Bae or I could hang out if one of us is doing something the other isn’t interested in (i.e., when Bae wants to watch Game of Thrones in the living room with all the lights off and the volume on 64…). So, I needed to make sure it was not just presentable to guests and clients but also super comfy.

Second Bedroom: After

What I Learned from My Office Revamp

Although I wasn’t able to finish, I’m pretty darn proud how I recreated this room to fit my exact needs without ditching a single thing but some pillow covers and mismatched, old baskets. Instead, my office was revamped into a much warmer and inviting space with just some throws, pillow covers and storage in a brand, new color palate.

But maybe most importantly, I transformed this room with a rug.

If you’re in a design rut, you’re tired of your current space or you just want a vibe change, I’ve learned a rug makes all the difference. It can make a cold, dark, sterile room warm, cozy and inviting with little effort.

I wasn’t able to tackle wall art or pay too much attention to the mess that is the bookshelf, but in the couple of months since the rug found it’s home, I invited some clients to meet in this space AND both Bae and I have used the revamped room for some quiet and personal time.

Here’s hoping the revamp continues on level ten at the new place. Wish me luck!

Ps: if you’re interested in revamping your space but could use a little help, make sure you head over to the HJN Design Studio and peep our design package options. Also, take a look below for all the items I found to perk up my dreary office space and a few other awesome rug finds (thanks, West Elm and Target)!



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