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Three Things You Need to Master

in 2021

You know the number one reason folks stay in careers they hate?


Money has an awful way of dictating our steps, and if we’re honest, most of us don’t even keep proper track of what’s coming in and what’s going out every month. 

We just know we don’t have enough. Amirite?!

You hate your job, but you don’t know how you can maintain your lifestyle with any other options.

Sound Familiar?

You don’t mind working hard, but you want to work a lot LESS than you currently are.

You are starting to question whether trading your time for money is the only (or smartest) strategy anymore. You dream of autonomy of your schedule and the ability to work from anywhere.

You’ve started to research wealth and realize that working in corporate america will not amass the type of financial future you aspire to...but you need help finding a path out.

You’re starting to notice other folks working less and participating more in their and their family’s lives.

The above list couldn’t be more representative of my story if I tried. 

A few years ago, I found myself in a SUPER prestigious, multi-six figure career as a corporate attorney in a major law firm…

And I was still living paycheck to paycheck.

On top of that, I was starting to hate my job, but I couldn’t find or imagine a career path that could keep up with these bills. 

Talk about feeling TRAPPED.

After overhauling my personal finances, I was able to take a realistic look at where money was going, make some tangible changes to my spending and also plan a comfortable savings pile. 

All while not making any painful changes to my lifestyle or quality of life.

After a few months, my finances were finally in order, I had the confidence to jump ship from my 9-5 without fear because I was clear on how much my life costs and how much runway I had saved.

Getting a more solid grasp on my finances was the exact catalyst I needed to change my entire world

This first step of analyzing and planning my finances was so impactful to my success as an entrepreneur, but more than anything, it gave me the confidence to make the much needed career shift I needed in life. I now love my job more than anything, and I’m still able to pay all the bills, honey.

If the only thing keeping you in a career you hate is money, I have something to help. 

I recently held a private workshop for members of my IG community to walk them through a process I created to help high income earners stop letting finances trap them in careers they hate, and I wanted to share this resource with you for free. 

During this workshop, we went over my proven, step-by-step system to sort out your financial sitch and get you from overwhelmed and hopeless and on track to achieve freedom. 

You don’t have to work until midnight or answer to that jerk or wake up with dread and anxiety for the day just to pay the bills you want. 

And I hope this workshop helps you get on the path to realizing that in your own life. 

You deserve to be happy, friend. 

Best wishes,


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