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Have a great business idea

but not quite sure where to begin to get it out of your head and off the ground?


You have an idea you've seen other folks make money from but you can't seem to identify how you can do the same

Does this sound like you?

You're working a job you don't love and dream about autonomy and starting your own side hustle

You have a passion project you'd like to elevate from expensive hobby to profitable business

Building, Maintaining and Thriving as the founder of a successful side business

SideBiz SMART is your go-to resource for

SideBiz SMART helps you establish a legal and accounting foundation, craft a clear business plan to meet your revenue goals, set a strong social media strategy in motion and productively use your time to tackle it all as a profitable side hustle.

We walk through all the basics together: sales, marketing, key administrative tips and tools, top resources and my go-to tech recommendations.

you’ll learn:

In this course

Learn how to legally protect your business and set yourself up for success

Legal and Banking Foundations


Learn the one problem and solution that your side business will address and who is your ideal audience

Clarity on Your Biz


Learn how to structure your side business to ensure profits

Keys to Profitability


Learn how to optimize social media for visibility and growth

Social Media Tips and Tricks


Learn what programs, apps and tech advances I'd recommend

Tech Tools 


Learn how I managed to grow from a mere idea to a full-time business in 12 months (on the side)

Tips for Productivity


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Bi-weekly cohort live Q&A meetings

Direct feedback on all homework, assignments and tasks

Community, support & accountability through exclusive Slack channel available to cohort members only

Direct access to my top recommended resources to advance your side business

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I’m Janelle.


I'm a career & digital media strategist, which is a fancy way to say that I help miserable people reinvent their careers, and I'm REALLY GOOD at it when that reinvention involves social or digital media. 

After 6 years as a corporate BigLaw attorney, I transitioned from running my coaching business and interior design firm as side businesses over to my full-time career just 12 MONTHS after launching my website. In my year of successful side hustling, I learned a LOT...

After working with dozens of clients to launch successful side businesses, I'm ready to share all I've learned, taught and acquired to help your side business thrive

I went from side hustler to successful full-time entrepreneur in 12 months flat

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