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My Pet Insurance Co. is Invaluable: Here’s Why

Sep 13, 2019

My most favorite pupper turned two last week, and I’m still all in my feels about it. Although many of you know I’m on a committed journey of preserving and prioritizing my self-care & well-being, probably very few of you know that this journey all began the day I brought home my sweet Ms. Mila pup.

Being a single dog mom to an 8-week old puppy forced me to confront my priorities and values in the form of time allocation. I quickly realized that pre-pup, my SOLE priority was my J-O-B. I never batted an eye when the work flow continued in a constant stream past dinnertime (and I was still at my desk in my office). But as soon as I realized I was responsible for baby girl’s health and happiness? My priorities shifted faster than my standard reply time to a partner’s email.

3-week old Ms. Mila pup

I did so much to prepare for Mila’s arrival (like sleep with all toys for a week straight so they would have my smell and she would feel less lonely in her crate…), but the most valuable investment I made in preparing for my new pet was to research pet insurance companies.


Get Covered Before Your Pet Gets Sick

I can’t speak for all dogs, but Mila gets sick. More often than I would like. And very similarly to the human healthcare system, that ish is EXPENSIVE. Obtaining a pet insurance plan before you pet experiences any major illnesses can often times save you money under your policy and ensure that you are fully covered, so I wanted to make sure I jumped on the bandwagon immediately (keep reading below to hear how my pet insurance company saved me thousands of dollars this year alone).

Never Worry about Money in the Bank

I don’t know about y’all, but my savings account is never excited to pay for non-fun activities. Trip to Paris? Jumping for joy. New car battery? Home repair? Medical costs? Never joyful.

It’s always easier for me to forcibly budget over time rather than take a giant, unexpected hit to my savings account. Budgeting monthly payments that will cover those major expenses for my pet’s health is a much more comfortable and anticipated blow to ya girl’s bank account, y’all.

Never Have to Decide Care Based on Finances

Earlier this year, Mila had to have an emergency surgery. After all of the tests, x-rays, surgery and follow up medications were said and done, the total cost came to over $2,000 (!!!), but thanks to my freaking amazing pet insurance company (shout out to you, @Figopet), I never had to hesitate regarding the best care for Mila – her surgery was COMPLETELY covered under my policy people!! I was responsible for Not. One. Penny. Hunty.

Since Mila is one of the greatest joys in my world, my primary reason for getting pet insurance is to ensure I never have to decide if I have enough money to save Mila’s life or health, and boy am I glad that I did.

The day I brought Mila home

Why Figo Pet Insurance

1. Affordable Option for Unlimited Coverage

Two years ago when Mila was a baby pup, I did ALL the research on pet insurance y’all, and I’m confident that Figo is the CLEAR winner. Figo gives you REMARKABLE flexibility to choose the exact coverage and the exact payment plan you are most comfortable with. For me, I wanted a plan with unlimited coverage and no caps. Spoiler alert: under all other pet insurance provider policies, that is a v expensive option, but Figo has three different plans – one of which has unlimited coverage but is also fully customizable and allows you to play around with your deductible to get to whatever monthly price and/or deductible fits your financial universe.

2. Crazy Easy & Fast Claims Through the App

Figo’s app, the Pet Cloud, makes the tough stuff in pet ownership super easy! Whenever you need to file a claim, everything can be uploaded directly from your phone in their user friendly app. The process is very clear, very straightforward and very easy to submit. Once submitted, I usually hear back from Figo within a day or so, and the reimbursement is deposited within the week. Also (and most importantly for me), I have NEVER been surprised about what is covered or not covered – Figo takes care to be super clear on the coverage and exactly what is included in your policy. In addition to easy claims filing, the Pet Cloud also has a ton of other helpful tools like a pet health checklist, which can send you reminders for upcoming needs, and a connect tab that can set you up on really cute play dates.

3. Live 24/7 Vet Access Through the App

The Figo app also provides access to a live vet, so you can ask any questions you have and can literally “vet” the severity of the situation before heading to the ER (pun completely intended). Mila and I have only been to the ER once, and I’d like to share that it was one of the most exhausting and awful nights of my life (especially when Mila’s health started to visibly improve at 2:30AM, three and a half hours after we’d been sitting in the ER and just 8 minutes before we went in to see the vet…). Being able to ask questions of a professional saves you so much time and money! I seriously wish my human doctor had this option…

4. No Age Restrictions

Whenever I bring up pet insurance, people with pups older than Mila often say that they are precluded because their pet is “too old.”Just like humans, your pet’s healthcare costs are only going to increase. Because of that, most insurance companies won’t allow you to obtain a policy for pets over the age of 8, but not Figo. Figo has no upper age restrictions, which even further underlines their commitment and understanding that our pets are our families. One fact I try to think about as little as possible is that one day, Mila will get old. But I’m seeing the effects of aging pets in a lot of my colleagues and friends, and I am so thankful that Figo has removed that particular worry from my stack.

I have had nothing but pleasant and amazing interactions with everyone in the Figo world, and I believe in the benefit of their product with my entire heart (and wallet). If you have a pet, I highly, highly encourage you to get pet insurance ASAP, and in an effort to make this decision a no-brainer, I’ve finagled you a 5% discount for signing up via the below button!

Taking care of your pets is a necessary form of self-care too, y’all. And if you’re here for all the self-care goodness, be sure to head over to the wellness section of the Blog to get your fill of self-care tips and tricks (and a few insider tips for pup care as well).



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