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Healthy Blonde Hair Secrets: 5 Must-Have Products

Jul 15, 2019

I know the saying is that “blondes have more fun,” but all I’ve noticed since bleaching my hair is that artificial blondes had better have a lot more patience, y’all. It’s hard to maintain healthy blonde hair, but I think I’ve finally cracked the code.

About five months ago, I decided to prioritize my hair health, and I’ve seen CRAZY GOOD results, but lucky for you, the below tips have worked for all my recently converted blonde friends (regardless of ethnicity or hair texture), so you can join team healthy #BlondeBliss too.

Products I Use for Healthy Blonde Hair:

  1. Olaplex
  2. Purple shampoo
  3. Deep Conditioner
  4. Protein Treatment
  5. Aloe Vera Juice


If you apply ANY kind of chemical treatment to your hair, you NEED to be using Olaplex. Olaplex is a bond corrector. It smooths out the hair shafts and makes your hair silky, shiny and strong. After bleaching, I imagine that my hair is basically an old (town) road, full of potholes. Olaplex is the road crew with fresh tar and a bulldozer to smooth that ish out. Note, however, that Olaplex is not a conditioner. It’s a treatment that you should use BEFORE shampoo and conditioners. I use Olaplex once every week or two. I sit with it on my hair for about an hour to work its magic before I start my shower, but you can do as little as ten minutes. I usually grab my Olaplex from Sephora or Olaplex.

Purple Shampoo

Perhaps you’re aiming for an orange, brassy blonde. I am not. In fact, if it was socially acceptable for me to have a straight up grey afro in my profession like a natural-hair Storm, that’s the life I’d be living. Anyway, toner is the magical sauce that takes my brassy blonde hair fresh from bleach and makes it the white/icy blonde of my dreams. I tone my hair the same day that I bleach my hair, but toner wears off over time. Purple shampoo helps keep the brass out of my hair between toning sessions and is a must for most of my blonde friends. There are a trillion purple shampoos out there, but this is by far my fav purple shampoo from Sally’s Beauty.

Deep Conditioner

I love you, but your hair is dry. No matter what ethnicity you may be or how thick your hair is, if you bleach your strands, the moisture has been sucked out. You have to do a LOT to add moisture back in, and one of those things is deep condition. Now, deep conditioning is a touchy subject, especially for my friends with thinner hair who think they will melt if they leave the conditioner in longer than two minutes. But I’m here to tell you, you need to deep condition, boo boo.

To clarify: conditioner and deep conditioner are different things. Deep conditioner is a heavier, more moisture packing formula that is intended to penetrate hair in need of special attention. If you are using any chemical treatments in your hair, you NEED to deep condition those precious locs, baby. Look for conditioners that say “deep” conditioner or “mask/masque” on the container for the extra hair health benefits.

Deep conditioning sessions look different for everyone. For me, deep conditioning looks like leaving a conditioner on for an hour with some additional oil treatment and sitting with a heated cap to help everything soak in for at least an hour. For my friends with thinner hair, deep conditioning looks like keeping the conditioner on in the shower with a plastic cap until they’re done shaving their legs. The point is, now that you are blonde, you need to extend the amount of time that you use conditioner.

Best practice: you should incorporate a deep conditioner into your routine at LEAST every other week. I aim for every week. You can find my go to deep conditioners here, here and here.

Protein Treatment

Bleaching your hair literally zaps the life out of your strands, so I’ve found that I have to physically put all the components back into my hair one-by-one. The same weekend that I bleach my hair, I just focus on deep conditioners and manipulating my hair as little as possible. One week after my bleach, though, I do a really strong protein treatment. My current fav protein treatment is the two-step protein treatment by ApHogee.

The ApHogee process is a little interesting. In step one, you pour some sticky liquid on your hair and then blow dry until your hair is as hard as a helmet…then, you rinse it out and follow up with step two, which is a softener. I usually also deep condition for a few minutes after an intensive protein treatment as well.

Much like my diet, I rotate deep conditioners every week to mix up the nutrients my hair receives. I try to make sure that at least one of the deep conditioners in my rotation has protein in it. That way, every few weeks I can add a bit of protein without the whole shebang of the two-step treatment. Shea moisture makes one of my fav deep condition + protein combos, and you can get it here.

Aloe Vera Juice

The last tip is for gals and gents whose hair is great on wash day, but then dries right back up the next day. If that’s you, I’m here to tell you that a spritz of aloe vera juice each morning is a gift straight from the Gods. You can read about how I use aloe vera juice each morning to add a little more moisture to my hair here, but trust me that a spritz of aloe vera juice to dry tresses will change your life.

That’s a Lot…

When you look at the list like this, it looks super long and involved, BUT you can adjust how long you leave each of the products on your hair and tailor what works best for you. I use my Saturday mornings to work on my website, so I’m already sitting at my desk or on the couch for a chunk of time and can devote some hours to healthy blonde hair. This entire process can easily be crunched down, though, into a 30-minute routine max. The key word, though, is routine. I highly recommend getting into a hair routine or schedule to make sure your hair is at its optimal health.

Would anyone be interested in a 30-day hair growth challenge? I’m sure I could find some great, healthy hair giveaways for a winner! Let me know if you’d be interested in the comments below.



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