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Constructive Energy Use During this Political Season

Oct 23, 2020

It’s time to read the room. I see a lot of you taking a LOT of energy trying to change Trump supporters’ minds. But have you evaluated who is in your ecosystem? The majority of folks who follow me are liberal. There are very few Trump supporters around these parts (most seem to have left or muted me during the Trauma series this summer; yes, I know when that happens).

So! It is not an effective use of energy to yell points into my community void and a lot of y’all are yelling into homogeneous voids of folks who look like you and believe what you already believe.

Our current president is a professional gas-lighter. I know many very good gas-lighters (apparently I am attracted to them…), but what seems most triggering about Trump is that he is in such an open and obvious position of power while doing it!

Rather than sharing info on crazy shit this man does or says (and further traumatize an already triggered group of people), let’s talk about our voting plans. Let’s figure out who will be guarding rural voting poles and protecting minority voters from blatant threats from terror groups. Let’s talk about who you are reaching out to and making sure votes this year.

In the comments below, let me know what your voting plan is and who is one person who you can bring with you to vote or confirm they’ve properly mailed in their ballot? I’ll be voting early in-person next Wednesday. If the line is out of control or I can’t wait any longer, I’ll go back next Friday and wait all day if I have to. What about you?

Aside from politics and the stress that can cause, check out how to create boundaries in other parts of your life like work!

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