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Coconut Oil Dog Treats for Smelly Dog Breath

Aug 1, 2019

Photo of Janelle, creator of Hey J. Nicole, and her dog, Mila

For those who don’t know, I have a wildly sweet, almost two-year old dog named Mila (pronounced me-luh for anybody a little confused). Mila is ridiculously friendly, playful, cute and cuddly.

And manipulative AF.

All of my neighbors have firsthand experience: one moment they’re minding their business in the elevator, and the next, they’re somehow on the floor giving Mila belly rubs as she kisses their hands.

Since Mila tends to get reeeeeal close with folks, I’m always interested that overwhelmingly the most popular comment after “OMG, she’s so cute!” is “Wow, her breath doesn’t stink at all!” To be honest, I didn’t even know that smelly dog breath was a thing (until I met a few recently that fit the bill…), but then I started to research and realized what may be a hidden gem for dog owners who struggle with smelly dog breath.

Coconut Oil for Dog Breath

Since the day I brought Ms. Mila-Milz home, I’ve been feeding her coconut oil. My marching orders from the breeder included clear instructions to continue mixing coconut oil into Mila’s kibble each meal to (1) add some healthy fat into her diet and (2) keep her coat shiny. As a natural hair enthusiast, I loved that this dog breeder had my new pup’s hair front of mind, so I eagerly took her advice.

Coconut Oil is for More than Just Shiny Dog Coats

It makes total sense that coconut oil would work magic for my dog’s coat just like it does for so many natural hair ladies out there. But, there’s more! Coconut oil isn’t just the magic elixir for shiny strands alone. Coconut oil is also a known antibacterial. Therefore, coconut oil fights germs and bacteria in the mouths of puppers, which helps prevent bad dog breath and smelly dog kisses.

Incorporating Coconut Oil as Dog Treats

Photo of kong dog toys, peanut butter and coconut oil for dog treats to prevent smelly dog breath

Like I mentioned, when Mila was a pup, I’d mix coconut oil into her kibble for her to chow down and enjoy. Mila has since switched over from kibble to wet & raw food diet, so adding coconut oil would be a bit too much liquid to deal with at potty time for me y’all, so I’ve found my new favorite way (and hers) to add the oil from the Gods to her diet: coconut oil as frozen dog treats.

On Sundays when I meal prep for myself, I also take a couple of minutes to fill up five kong dog toys with a mix of peanut butter and coconut oil and throw them into the freezer. On the days that I have to leave Mila to go to work during the week, I give her a frozen treat as I head out the door for her to enjoy in my absence.

She spends HOURS trying to get all of the peanut butter and coconut oil goodness out, and I feel significantly less bad for leaving her alone all day. In fact! Mila starts to cry with excitement now when she sees me picking up my work bag and keys to leave for the day because she can’t wait for her coconut oil dog treat.

The kong is just one our of fav dog toys and treats. See below to check out all of Ms. Mila’s favorite snacks and toys. What are some of y’alls favorite pupper treats? Let me know in the comments below! Also, make sure to head over to the blog for more dog (and honestly, generally living well) tips and tricks from yours truly.



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