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Book a COMPLIMENTARY call with me and discover how I can help you integrate your work with a life you love!

Let’s Take Back Control of Your Life, Boo

Get Clarity on the exact life you want for yourself


Create a manageable Plan with concrete benchmarks to achieve your Dream Life

Define necessary Boundaries to protect your priorities and your plan

Learn the Confidence you need to effectively Communicate your boundaries

Move the Ball Forward with support from an Objective Resource with First-Hand Knowledge of your specific career pressure points and professional demands


When you’re suffocated by the all-consuming expectations of a super successful, super ambitious career, it can feel impossible to carve out and prioritize time to make a plan for change, but the sticky point is, if you don’t make a plan, nothing is going to change – and the years of your unhappiness continue to accumulate. 

I’m here to tell you that you do NOT have to continue feeling miserable and trapped in your own life, and instead, you can integrate your work with a balanced, full and fulfilling life!

Go from a Work-Centered life to a Joy-Centered Life

Book a 1-on-1 strategy call with me and learn how I can help you move from overworked, undervalued and miserable to the full and joyful life you deserve!


“Janelle challenges you to get off autopilot and go beyond your comfort zone with grace, wisdom, and concrete, detail-oriented action plans that not only showcase the skills that have enabled her to excel as a senior corporate attorney in the grueling big law firm environment, but also her unmistakable calling to facilitate the active pursuit of personal growth and joy.

Put differently, working with Janelle will change your mindset and your life, quite literally. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself.” 

Meet my successful clients



“Janelle is such a positive influence and has the fantastic ability to keep my wife and I on course with setting clear goals towards a career transition and taking actionable steps to achieve them. She always stays neutral and unbiased, allowing us to reach our own conclusions and decisions, and she gives great homework to keep us focused in between sessions and advancing our progress even without her.” 


“When I first signed up to work with Janelle, I wasn’t sure how beneficial it would be, but Janelle completely blew my mind. Janelle is so comforting, knowledgeable and organized. She gave me so much food for thought. I left with a direction and plan, which I have begun to implement just 1 week after our first session. I highly HIGHLY recommend Janelle’s services to anyone who is trying to pursue  their interests with clarity.” 


“Janelle is such a must in my life. When I make my list of ‘Need in Order to Keep My Life Running’ (a concept Janelle introduced to me), Janelle and her services are always on it now! Somehow, she is incredibly objective while managing to keep you honest with and moving constantly towards your goals and the outcomes you ultimately want. With her help, I've achieved goals I previously thought insurmountable."

Create a Plan

Accepting New Clients Now

Let’s work together to map out the exact life you want to live and how to achieve that vision 

Define, Communicate
& Enforce Boundaries

Once the plan is set, we’ll build a barrier around everything important and practice ways to communicate and protect the most important things in your life

Decentralize Work & Reprioritize Yourself

Don’t waste another minute achieving success for another person. This is your one life. Together, I want to help you make it a great one.

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