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Binge Worthy Podcasts for Starting an Online Business

Jul 25, 2019

Julie Solomon, Mattie James, Brock Johnson, Chalene Johnson and Amy Portfield online business podcast cover photos.

I might be the last person on the planet to jump on the podcast bandwagon. I took a poll for podcast recommendations a few years back, but I never actually opened the app on my phone and took the plunge.

Until recently.

When I decided I wanted to start an online business, I knew I wanted to jump out the gate like pro, so I turned to good ol’ Google and tried to find some relevant and highly reviewed books and blogs about the path of success in the online e-commerce/online marketing space. Much to my surprise, it was suuuuuper challenging to find any printed books of value published in the last year or so regarding starting an online business, let alone ones that reference recent social media tools like Instagram or the various uses and best practices to regularly incorporate the newest tech into your business.

What DID come up in my handy dandy Google search, though, were hundreds of hits for podcasts. Podcast episodes released a day or two earlier that address remarkably current and pressing questions I had like “Instagram Growth and Effective Social Media Marketing,” and “How Tik Tok is Changing Social Media and Why You Should Be On It.” If we’re being honest, most people over 26 don’t even know what Tik Tok is, let alone can advise me as to best practices to not only using the platform to market myself but also as a tool to overcome my serious fear of video.

I’ve always judged folks who walk around with headphones in their ears 24/7, but now I’ve officially become one of those people. As a busy entrepreneur trying to figure all this stuff out (while also maintaining a decent rapport at her day gig), I am PRESSED for time. Now with podcasts, I can be listening to, learning from and expanding my capabilities during any and ALL alone time: I’m talking while I walk my dog, while I commute and while I’m making dinner. Podcasts have enabled me to utilize all the random free moments in my day to optimize for success.

But not all podcasts are created equal

Below are some of the best podcasts I’ve found for anyone interested in starting some type of online business or digital side hustle. They are remarkably educational, easy listens and have each helped me tremendously along my new journey starting a side hustle.

“The Influencer Podcast” with Julie Solomon

Photo of Julie Solomon, host of The Influencer Podcast for online business owners.

Don’t be swayed by the name. The Influencer Podcast is relevant to anyone interested in starting an online business whatsoever (not just folks interested in becoming an “influencer”). On this show, Julie Solomon, a renowned publicist, speaker and online course creator, interviews successful business owners with large online audiences. Julie takes you through each guest’s journey from the very beginning and asks thought provoking questions to illustrate that ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING is possible. Each of her guests are incredibly dynamic (from the creator of PeopleMap to the founder of #BossBabe to lawyers turned entrepreneurs), and Julie really takes you through the life cycle from an idea to six or seven figure success, and touches on everything from revenue building to marketing to sales to operations.

I listen to The Influencer Podcast on iTunes, but if you’d like to start at the beginning of the show on episode #1 and listen all the way through to current (like I did…), you’ll need to head over to Julie’s website and start the journey from there. Some of the OG episodes are no longer available on iTunes.

“Online Marketing Made Easy” with Amy Porterfield

Photo of Amy Porterfield, host of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast for online businesses

What I’ve learned about podcasts is that if you cobble enough of them together, you can learn absolutely anything for free. These days, most folks use podcasts as the free component to build “like, know and trust” with an audience as a long game towards a sell of some sort. Podcast hosts will give away TONSSSS of free and very valuable content in the hopes that you build trust and loyalty with them and eventually purchase their products. Because everyone is selling a slightly different or unique product, each host has slightly different content that they’re willing to give away fo free, y’all.

Amy Porterfield is no different. After leaving a career with Tony Robbins, Amy Porterfield has since started a very successful business selling online courses to wannabe biz bosses. Her bread and butter courses revolve around Facebook advertising, building powerful and valuable email lists and how to build and sell online courses through webinars. Because her special sauce is very specific, Amy is HAPPY to give away anything that will lead you to success in your online business related to any other topic via her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast. Amy is kind of a big deal in the digital products world, so she is able to snag remarkable guests (folks you only dream of hearing speak at conferences), and she asks amazing questions. By far, Amy’s podcast is perfect for anyone looking to successfully grow any type of online business, but particularly ones with a heavy emphasis on product and/or service sales.

Also! Note that Amy has the most incredibly show notes for each of her podcast episodes. They are literally mini blog posts, and are full of helpful info, links and always a valuable and relevant download. If you’re looking to start an online business and have any questions along any phase of the process, you need to give Amy’s podcast a try.

“The MJ Show” with Mattie James

Photo of Mattie James, host of The MJ Show podcast for starting an online business

When I think of textbook bloggers and influencers, Mattie James comes to mind. Mattie is a traditional fashion and makeup influencer turned mommy blogger. Although I’m not the target audience for the majority of her content, she shares a lot of invaluable info on how to get started blogging on The MJ Show with Mattie James, and I looooove that stuff. Each of her podcast episodes are straightforward and to the point. She breaks everything down in easy to digest episodes that don’t beat around the bush. I find her tips particularly useful in the universe of blogging and anyone who wants to start an online business based on inbound marketing.

“Build Your Tribe” with Brock and Chalene Johnson

Photo of Brock and Chalene Johnson, hosts of Build Your Tribe podcast for people interest in starting an online business

Looking to stay young, hip and relevant with regarding to online marketing strategies? Shit, me too. I’ve found the best podcast super timely and new marketing tactics to be Build Your Tribe with mother and son duo, Brock and Chalene Johnson. You may know Chalene from infomercials of yesteryear…I didn’t. But she makes sure to remind you often. Chalene has had much success in the infomercial world, and per her podcast, she also has had great success with regard to coaching and business consulting.

Although I find this podcast to be a bit too salesy for Chalene’s products and courses for my taste, both Brock and Chalene share a ton of really relevant, current and actionable tips for free! Chalene gives the straight and dirty tactical types and Brock jumps in for episodes regarding marketing on social media and the newest technologies. If it weren’t for Brock Johnson, I would still have never uploaded a video to IG stories, so I definitely find this podcast informative and effective. If you’re looking for clear and precise tips for marketing as you embark on a new online business, Chalene and Brock and your peeps.

There you have it. These are the podcasts I keep in regular rotation (read: the only podcasts I listen to other than “Your Move” by Andy Stanley”). Any and all of these bad boys will definitely give you a great foundation of knowledge for starting your online business. My strategy is to always go back to episode one and listen my way to present day.

One piece of advice: podcasts are amazing, amazing resources, however, they are often ALSO very powerful sales tools. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT get sucked into every rabbit hole in podcast land and go to buy every online course these folks provide. While I do think there is a TONNNN of v valuable online education available, podcasts have a sneaky way of lowering your guard and making you trust the presenter and feel comfortable, and the next thing you know, you’re trying to pay someone thousands of dollars for a course for information you fully intended to obtain for free…

Annnnnd on that note, this concludes my very first blog about starting an online business here in the brand new section of the blog for entrepreneurs. If you found this helpful, do me a favor and leave me a comment below! If not, feel free to head over to the Blog for a taste of my more regularly scheduled content 🙂



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