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SideBiz Accelerator

Grow your profitable online business, so that you can say goodbye to the 9-5, reclaim autonomy and flexibility in your life, and make real money doing meaningful work you love

You make a very comfortable living, but you question whether this is the work you should be doing for the rest of your life

Why You're Here

You’re starting to believe it’s possible to take your business to the next level, but you need some guidance and assurance to make sure you get there

You have an idea for a a service, coaching, consulting, digital product, or physical product-based company, and you’ve even made a few sales, but you aren’t sure how you could ever replace your current income at the current pace of sales

You’re tired of fitting your life around work and dream of a career that allows you to prioritise your health, family and well-being on your own terms and schedule (without asking for permission or vacation days)

You see people pursuing entrepreneurship, but you know nothing about the mechanics of being your own boss for real, and you’re scared to walk away from the security of a 9-5

If this sounds like you, then keep reading because this could be that moment when EVERYTHING changes for you.

The memory that you'll look back on as THE moment where you went from dreaming to doing.

We walk through all the basics together: sales, marketing, key administrative tips and tools, top resources and my go-to tech recommendations.

Building your profitable freedom business is simple and doable, once you’ve learned the step-by-step system for growing your business the right way. 
Confusion about how to execute on this dream no longer has to be your story. It’s possible to make well over six figures as your own boss. And the groundwork to gain momentum can all be done in less than 16 weeks.

Get clarity on how you want to be seen, who you want to help, how you want to help them, how much you’ll charge, and a proven strategy on how to package your speciality for revenue that sustains your lifestyle.

The life you envision is possible for you.

"The SideBiz Accelerator is an amazing experience that I felt exponentially added value to my entrepreneurial endeavor. Learning helpful tools and processes to implement as well as learning how to use social media in a more productive way have been invaluable. I also found that having someone to be accountable to helped me better manage certain aspects of my business without getting overwhelmed. Plus, Janelle is just amazing, and it's easy to take her advice because she doesn't come off as a know it all but more like your more knowledgeable sibling who really wants you to succeed. I totally would recommend the SideBiz Accelerator experience. I feel like I've grown in many ways, and I'm definitely farther along that I would have been without it. As a busy working mom who's starting a business, I don't have time to spend spinning my wheels in circles. The SideBiz Accelerator helped me keep focus." 

- Lashundra

- Irnise

"I have quadrupled my practice income in the months since I have worked with her, I have expanded my services, and I have been ready to pivot as opportunities have presented themselves. Janelle is great at noticing the little things that can lead to great change and continuously encourages and supports me as I adjust and grow in my current practice. The value of the services that she provides equals the investment and is well worth it in the SideBiz Accelerator. In SBA, I have learned from the other group members, and we worked through some of those tough business questions that come up along the way together. Our bi-weekly meetings are both encouraging and informational. The next SBA cohort will gain significant knowledge and insight when they join this comprehensive and informational program." 


What’s Included in the SideBiz Accelerator Program:

This comprehensive, step-by-step program guides you through the topics that will propel your side business’s success trajectory, such as setting clear revenue targets, establishing innovative content creation strategies and schedules, understanding SEO and optimizing your online channels for traffic, automation, delegation, money mindset and much more.

Access to 6-month Accelerator Curriculum


The truth? Sometimes you just need someone to confirm you’re on the right path. Every week, you’ll have homework and tasks to complete under the curriculum, and we’ll be here to review and give our tips and insight along the way. This is by far our clients’ favorite aspect of the program.

Weekly Feedback on Your Work


Starting your business is one of the most stressful undertakings you’ll ever embark on. I get that. That’s why I’ll be there every other week to go over a new program topic and answer any and all questions you may have.

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls


All program participants will be added to a private slack channel where you’ll have access to an engaged group of entrepreneurial peers to share wins and challenges and further bounce ideas off of. 

Private, member-Only Slack Group


Technology won’t hold you back any longer. As a member of the SideBiz Accelerator, you’ll have access to our expansive technology tutorials to walk you through using any of the technology resources recommended. We’ll also hand over all of our templates to save you more time in striding towards success. 

Access to our Tech Tutorials & Template Library


“I told someone the other day that you were more than just a coach. You're actually my friend, and I really do value your support. I hear myself saying things like, 'When I'm a full-time entrepreneur...' or 'When I have my own photography studio...' and it makes my soul smile. And I have you to thank for that confidence and certainty in my not so distant now future.”

“Girl, there's a reason you're over there thriving. Because you've found the point where your talents meet your passions. This was so dang valuable!!”


This application-based program is for you if:

- You’re serious about a budding business idea but don’t want to half ass the execution
- You’ve started side hustling but having yet hit 5-figure months

meet your coach!

What up, sis?

I'm Janelle. I'm a career & digital media strategist, which is a fancy way to say that I help miserable people reinvent their careers, and I'm REALLY GOOD at it when that reinvention involves social or digital media. 

After 6 years as a corporate BigLaw attorney, I transitioned from running my coaching business and interior design firm as side businesses over to my full-time career just 12 MONTHS after launching my website. In my year of successful side hustling, I learned a LOT...

After working with dozens of clients to launch successful side businesses, I'm ready to share all I've learned, taught and acquired to help your side business thrive

I went from side hustler to successful full-time entrepreneur in 12 months flat

I PROMISE you, that I will show up 100%. I’ll share everything I know and will hide nothing. I’ll hold nothing back. I will support you through the powerful, impactful, life-changing transformation that you need to finally change your world and reality.

But I need you to promise me something, too. I need you to show up 100%. Be completely vulnerable, teachable, and ready to TAKE ACTION with no excuses.

The biggest difference between folks who succeed and folks who remain in the same place is their commitment level and belief that it’s possible. I need 100% faith & commitment from you, friend

My promise to you...

Let’s change the world together.

Ready to accelerate your business to 5-figures and beyond?

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