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6 Uses for Ripe Bananas That’s Not Banana Bread

Apr 9, 2020

Bananas on a countertop to showcase alternate uses for ripe bananas that are not banana bread

A positive in Corona quarantine is seeing how all my amazing friends are electing to use this time.

Y’all have been doin’ the damn thing with your creativity and in your gardens and in your kitchens. And that’s been the biggest treat for me, because I feel like so many of us mute our creative juices with TV, social activities and other people’s lives.

I’m so here for this season of creativity and exploring new interests and hobbies. Keep it coming.

But I stand here today to publicly profess that there is an entire world of recipes out there that you can make with those overripe bananas that is NOT banana bread!!

In fact, I have six other suggestions for you that involve no baking whatsoever. Eat your overripe banana hearts out, my friends.

Banana Pancakes

I can’t even say “Banana Pancakes” without thinking of Jack Johnson. Just me?

There are tons of fancy pants banana pancake recipes out there (this one looks particularly good to me), but I take a Sandra Lee “semi-homemade” approach here, folks.

In a pro tip handed down from Papa Hey J, I put two bananas in my Vitamix blender with 1/2 of the amount of non-dairy milk I would have used in a box mix for pancakes (creating what I like to call “Banana Milk”), blend and add to my packaged pancake mix (the Gluten free mix from Trader Joe’s is a clear superstar, in my book).

Comes out like a dream every time.


Using the same blender + banana technique above, you can add the “Banana Milk” to uncooked oatmeal as the liquid for an amazing bananas and cream oatmeal of champions.

Freeze for Smoothies

If you’ve hung around me for any length of time, you know that I stan for smoothies. Frozen bananas add a milkshake-like texture to smoothies that I can’t do without.

There are LOT of different methods for freezing bananas, but I recommend (i) cutting the banana in half (hamburger, not hot dog) so it’s easy to blend after freezing, (ii) wrapping each banana half in cling wrap to prevent freezer burn and (iii) placing the wrapped banana in a ziplock bag in the freezer. For some extra guidance, you can head to the “Smoothie” story highlight of my instagram for a step-by-step view of how I freeze bananas.

Nice Cream

Now that you’ve got all these perfectly frozen bananas, you can take your hand at Nice Cream (an ice cream substitute made from blending extra ripe, frozen bananas).

Nice cream is fool proof. You quite literally blend frozen bananas in a good quality blender, and it makes ice cream that is absolutely delicious as is. But, if you’re looking for some fancy recipe upgrades or inspo to take your nice cream to the next level, head here.

Puddings and Mousse

Following in line with more desserts, you can make a TON of puddings and reallyyyy amazing mousse with those bananas, folks.

My favorite recipe is this Peanut Butter Mousse from Ela Vegan.

Calm down. I know you saw “vegan” and freaked out, but it’s literally one of my favorite desserts – so easy and so delicious. Give it a shot. No one will even know it’s vegan.


Because bananas are so sweet, they lend themselves nicely to dessert in my mind. If you can get your hands on some popsicle molds, this recipe for chocolate-banana pops will change your world.

Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Can’t wait to see all the amazing (not banana bread) creations y’all come up with! Make sure you tag me when you post these beauts on IG.



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