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4 Easy Options to Completely Transform a Boring Room in Your Home

Jun 28, 2019

When folks approach me about decorating a drab room in their home, their biggest fear is always the same: the cost. Very rarely do people wanna pony up the cash for brand new, big ticket furniture like sofas or TV stands.

But the truth? In most instances, all a room needs is a little refresh to completely transform the vibe. 

Four small changes that pack major decor impact

The name of the room makeover game is light and texture. People are drawn to spaces that are filled with light and contain interesting textures. Sure, you could trade your dark apartment for that floor-to-ceiling windows option or buy all new furniture, but time and time again, there are four relatively minor, inexpensive changes that contribute the most bang for your buck when transforming any room in your home into a space that you (and your guests) love:

  1. Rug. Whether you’ve got hardwood or carpet, adding a rug will add a massively comfy feel (not to mention great texture) to any room by helping break up the vastness of the flooring. Rugs can also be used super strategically in place of paint or wallpaper. For example: if the room you’re refreshing doesn’t have a ton of light, opting for a white or cream colored rug can instantly make the room feel lighter, brighter and way more inviting.
  2. Throw pillows and blanket. Pillows serve a ton of value on the sofa for obvious functional reasons (can I get a hashtag naps), but from a decor standpoint, they add great dimension to the otherwise flat room and/or furniture. Like rugs, you fan also use pillows and rugs as another way to help brighten a dark room or disguise a less than favorable sofa color, pattern or fabric.
  3. Plants. Nothing says “I live here” more than a giant plant, people. I go overboard on the real plants in my house, but that’s because they add so much life and character to rooms. If you don’t have a particularly green thumb, don’t worry! Artificial plants accomplish the exact same objective. Also, don’t feel like you have to buy an entire tree – a couple cactus on the coffee table accomplish the exact same goal, y’all.
  4. Baskets or trays. In addition to keeping things organized, trays and baskets really help make the space more usable (by creating additional storage) and add yet another layer of palpable livability that guests love.

Looking for a little extra help refreshing a drab room in your home? Head over to the HJN+Design Studio and check out our Basic Package, which includes a list of accessories, plants, wall accents and/or wall covering options for purchase. Or better yet, go ahead and book a consultation today!



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