Let me guess: You hate your job

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But you see so many entrepreneurs out here living their best, free, fulfilled, autonomous lives...and you want in!! Except you don’t know where to even begin. And the way your anxiety & risk-aversion are set up...it would be a while before you ever got started (if ever)? Well, we gotchu.

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Start & stabilize profitable side businesses so they can feel comfortable & confident to ditch corporate america and begin living healthier, wealthier and more fulfilled lives as entrepreneurs.


I’m Janelle:

Former lawyer bae turned business & branding strategist. I love Atlanta, my bold blonde afro, my dog Mila and the work I get to do everyday.

What work is that?


I truly believe entrepreneurship to be one of the best pathways to contentment and fulfillment. As a  strategist, I help professionals gain clarity on their values, establish and maintain proper work/life boundaries, address and remove limiting beliefs regarding income and success, create a clear path to reinvent their life work and guide them through the transitions towards their dreams.

Looking for

Freedom & Autonomy?

In legal documents, a Sunset Provision requires that a specific event or action take place by a certain date or else the contract automatically expires. 

And I’m starting to think we should each have these types of provisions for all these jobs we hate...amirite?!

Sunset Provisions the podcast exists to help make entrepreneurship more real. No more believing entrepreneurs are either living in their parents’ basements or Jeff Besos. I’ll be bringing real life, loan having, freedom grasping entrepreneurs who have left amazing careers to hopefully inspire you to join team Be Your Own Boss. 


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